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Adoption / Foster Application
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Adoption / Foster Application
In order to qualify for ALIVE’s program all of the following steps must be met:

• You must be at least 24 years of age and be able to provide ALIVE with proof of age.

• Any current pets must be up to date on vaccinations, and be spayed/neutered. Exceptions to this will only be considered if proof of a medical explanation is provided.

• If you currently rent, you must provide a landlord’s phone number and a copy of your executed lease.

• All members of the family living in the home where the animal will be placed must be interviewed.

• Applicant must live within 50 miles of Chicago if interested in adopting and within 10 miles of Chicago if interested in fostering.

• Allow an ALIVE representative into your home for a visit to insure that your home is safe for the potential new dog or cat.

• Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for a pet.

• Currently, the requested donation to adopt a dog over 6 months of age is $325.00, a dog under 6 months of age is $400.00, a dog over the age of 7 is $150.00, rabbits are $150.00 and a cat is $175.00. If you are adopting a bonded pair, the adoption donation will be as reflected above, but as a buy one, get one free.

• We require an additional $75.00 training deposit at the time of adoption. You will be required to enroll and complete a training class with your new companion at one of our approved training facilities. Once ALIVE Rescue receives proof of the completed class, this $75.00 deposit will be refunded.
Foster or Adopt
Interested in fostering or adopting?
If interested in adopting, what animal are you applying for? PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept applications that specify a specific animal(s).
If interested in fostering, will you be fostering dogs, cats or rabbits? Please note if there is a specific animal you are interested in.
Applicant / Co-Applicant Information
City, State, Zip Code
Home Phone Number
Mobile Phone Number
E-mail Address
Date of Birth
Do you rent or own?
Type of residence (Home / Condo / Apartment / Townhouse / Mobile Home / Other)
How long have you lived at this address?
Any plans to move in the near future?
Landlord’s/Condo board’s name:
Landlord’s/Condo board’s phone and/or e-mail:
What is your form of transportation (car, bike, public transportation, etc.)?
How were you referred to ALIVE?
Have you applied to any other rescues before? If yes, which one(s)?
Family / Household Information
Number of adults in the household and their relationships to you:
Have all the adults in the household agreed to this adoption?
Number of children in the household and their ages:
Have the children had pets before?
Do you expect your current family situation to change? If yes, please explain.
Is anyone in the household allergic to pets?
Does anyone in the home currently smoke? If yes, do they smoke inside the home?
Why would you like to adopt an animal from us? (List all that apply):

• Companion for self
• Companion for child
• Companion for another pet
• Companion for another household member
• Guard Dog
• Hunting
• Gift
• To Breed
• Watch Dog / Protection
• Other (Please explain)
Employment Information
Position held:
City, State and Zip
Work Phone Number:
How long have you been with this employer?
Work Hours:
What is your combined annual household income range?
• Less than $30k
• $30k - $40k
• $41k - $55k
• $56k - $75k
• $75k - $100k
• More than $101k
Are you currently receiving any government assistance? If so, please list type and amount.
Existing & Previous Pet Ownership Information
Have you had pets in the past or do you currently have pets? Please tell us about them.

For each pet list the following information:

1) Name of Pet
2) Current age or age at death
3) Breed or Mix
4) Gender
5) Spayed or Neutered?
6) Current on Vaccines?
7) De-claw, tail-dock or ear crop? If yes, please explain.
8) How & why obtained?
9) How long owned (specify years or months)?
10) If you no longer have the pet, what happened?
Pet A:
Pet B:
Pet C:
Pet D:
Pet E:
Have you ever given an animal away or relinquished an animal to a shelter? If yes, what were the circumstances?

Under what circumstances would you (or have you) euthanize(d) a pet?
Veterinarian Information (for Current or Past Pets)
Veterinarian’s Name:
Veterinarian’s Address:
City, State, Zip Code
Veterinarian’s Phone Number:
What annual vaccines will your pet receive?
When was your current pet’s last visit to a veterinarian and why?
New Pet Information
How long have you been looking for a pet?
Is this your first pet as an adult?
What is your preferred level of exercise with a dog? (List all that apply)

•Couch Potato
•Short Walks
•Long Runs
•Yard Exercise
•Vigorous Walks
•Dog Parks
•Other (Please explain)
Which characteristics are most important to you? (List all that apply)

•Good with all dogs
•Good with some dogs
•Good with cats
•Good with children
•Other (Please explain)
What will you feed your new pet & how often?
How much time are you prepared to allow for your new pet to adjust to your home?
Are you prepared to spend several weeks or perhaps months waiting for your new pet to adjust to their new environment and for you to adjust to this new pet?
How do you plan to introduce your new pet to other animals and / or people in the household?
Are you able to afford a bill of $500 (or more) for emergency veterinary care?
How much are you willing to spend on medical bills and maintenance for your pet per year?
□ Up to $100 □ Up to $500 □ Up to $1,000 □ Up to $5,000 □ Whatever it takes

Are you committed to providing a responsible home for your pet’s entire life (15+ years)?
If you have to move, what do you plan to do with your pet(s)?
Who in the household will be the animals primary care giver?
When you are out of town, who will be the animals primary care giver?
In case of emergency, who will care for your animal?
Where will the animal be kept during the day?
Where will the animal be kept during the evening?
How many times per day do you plan to take your dog outside?
Do you normally walk your dog on leash or off leash?
How do you plan to house train your dog?
How will you discipline the animal if it misbehaves?
What would you do if the undesirable behavior continued?
Would you be willing to attend obedience classes at your own expense?
Type of fence:

• Chain-link
• Wood
• Wrought Iron
• Solid Wall
• Electric/Invisible Fence
• None
• Other (Please explain)
Is your yard 100% fenced in with no gaps?
Height of fence:

• 2 feet
• 3 feet
• 4 feet
• 5 feet
• 6 feet
• Over 6 feet
• None
Type of gate:

• Chain-link
• Wood
• Wrought Iron
• Solid Wall
• None
• Other (Please explain)
Number of gates:
Height of gate(s):

• 2 feet
• 3 feet
• 4 feet
• 5 feet
• 6 feet
• Over 6 feet
• None
Type of lock:

• Key entry
• Latch
• Padlock
• None
• Other (Please explain)
Who, other then members of your household, has access to your yard when you are not home?
Do you have a dog door?
Do you have a swimming pool?
If you do have a swimming pool, do you know how to introduce your dog to it?
Is the swimming pool surrounded by a fence/gate?
What is the longest period of time you would leave your pet unattended OUTSIDE?
Are there times when the dog will be tied up? If yes, when?
Will the dog spend any time in the garage? If yes, explain.
If you drive a pick-up truck, would you allow the dog to ride in the bed?
How many hours per day will your animal be without human companionship?
What would you do if your dog (or cat/rabbit, where applicable) develops a problem with the following (Please be as detailed as possible and do not leave any lines blank):
Excessive Barking:
Biting / Play Biting:
Destructive Chewing:
Shedding Excessive Hair:
Urinating / Defecating In Unacceptable Places:
Keeping You Awake At Night:
Ruining Your Favorite Article Of Clothing:
Growling at Guests:
Separation Anxiety:
Please list 3 personal NON-FAMILY references below. For each list the following:

• Name
• Relationship
• Phone number
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3
Thank you so much for applying with ALIVE Rescue - we are so glad you found us! Please give the Adoption and Foster Team 2-3 business days to review your application and we will reach out to those applicants who best fit the needs of our available animals. Due to high volume of applications we receive daily, not all applications will be accepted and we will only contact you if we are proceeding with your application.

We thank you so much for your interest in working with ALIVE in our mission to give every animal a well-balanced and fulfilling life.

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of an ALIVE Rescue animal.

By submitting this application, I certify that the information I have given is true. I understand that ALIVE Rescue reserves the right to deny my application for any reason. I further authorize the investigation of all statements in this application.
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